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Half Spirit: A Love Story Across the Veil of Death

On a rainy day, a young girl slips and tumbles down the stairs. As death takes hold of her, she finds herself in front of a mysterious god, offering her a chance to reclaim her body. Despite becoming an ethereal, transparent presence, she’s noticed by a boy she coincidentally encounters. Together, they embark on a quest to uncover the girl’s true identity and bring her back to life. Little do they know, the mark adorning the boy’s chest is the key to the lonely girl’s newfound hope.

Whether to regain her memories or forge a profound connection, the bond they develop is as delicate as flower petals. As they swerve through life’s twists and turns, they uncover mysteries that will leave you unable to suppress the overwhelming surge of emotions!


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Arata Nagayama


Regin's Chronicles


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