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My Pet is a Saintess (Light Novel), Vol. 1

Tatsumi experienced the devastating death of his family in an accident during his senior year of high school. His beloved cockatiel, Chiko, died of old age as he struggled to come to terms with this utter loss.
Tatsumi was on the verge of giving up when he got summoned to another world. There, Chiko was waiting for him, much to his confusion. Resurrected as a dazzling young girl, she was worshipped as a saintess by many, making her unrecognizable to him. And to Tatsumi’s shock, she had decided to make him her fiancé!
But not everyone wanted to honor their union. The two quickly realized that they were at the center of a complex plot when opposition erupted. Join Tatsumi and Chiko as they embark on this moving journey of love and resilience.


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My Pet is a Saintess


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