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Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy (Light Novel), Vol. 2

The long-awaited second volume of the fantasy saga follows the journey of Makoto Misumi, an unfortunate young man carving his path in another world. After braving the perilous “End of the World,” teeming with monsters, Makoto seeks to establish himself as a merchant. His first step? Making contact with Rembrandt, a leading merchant who holds sway over the town. Yet, Makoto discovers a dark shadow looming over Rembrandt’s family—a severe curse. The trials facing the compelling, yet unfortunate, Makoto Misumi are far from concluded. Rise, residents! Additionally, this volume features an exciting special section: a martial arts tournament to crown the number one fighter in the subspace!


Available on July 30, 2024
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Kei Azumi,

Mitsuaki Matsumoto


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