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Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy (Light Novel), Vol. 3

The Second Season of the TV Anime Begins January 2024 with a 2-Cour Broadcast!

In a world where he was suddenly summoned, ordinary high school student Makoto continues his journey with his non-human companions, a former dragon and a former spider. The beginning of his trials started when he encountered a “Forest Ogre”—a demi-human species with an elf-like appearance that dwells in forests—near the city of Tsige, where they were staying during their travels. The unfortunate hero who attracts trouble, Makoto Misumi’s hardships reach their peak here!

Included is a special newly written story depicting the struggles of Rembrandt, the greatest merchant in Tsige, as he works hard for Makoto, who has established a trading company!


Available on September 29, 2024
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Kei Azumi,

Mitsuaki Matsumoto


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